From time to time, notices about workshops, public talks, and other happenings that may be of interest to you will be posted here. If you are already on the email mailout list, you will receive an email notice about these events.

I share with you here, briefly, the design principles behind all events. First of all, philosophy and practice will invariably be part of what is offered. Secondly, talks and workshops are designed in such a way as to facilitate growth and creative nurturance from the point a person, couple, and/or community is at in their development continuum. Thirdly, there will always be an emphasis and focus on inner, relational, and community work and development, and all in an integrated way. The approach taken acknowledges the continuity between the inner and outer worlds. Fourthly, experiential exercises are designed to address individuals, couples, and groups in a way that allows access and personal work to take place. And lastly, as offerings are being created I/we are mindful to be sensitive to each person’s abilities and requirements.

The view underlying the work is that each person, relationship, and group has an intrinsic impulse towards healing, growth, creative expression, and wholeness.

And, from time to time events will be co-presented with Dr. Heesoon Bai, a.k.a. my wife.

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