My Practice


I offer counsellors supervision, consultation, and training that will facilitate the integration of who you are as a person and your professional identity. In my professional experience and in development of my counselling education knowledge, I have come to the realization that an integrated and whole human being, really one who is in an ongoing process of developing as a whole human being, will perform increasingly closer to his/her highest performance ability as a counsellor. Such integration supports the cultivation and development of skill, passion, knowledge, talent, and experience, all of which are germane to becoming a highly effective counsellor. By the latter, I mean a counsellor who has continually meaningful experiences with clients, who helps clients become increasingly integrated and authentic, and to further their quest to have rich and meaningful lives. Ultimately, you can increasingly become a source of wisdom, growth, and aliveness for your clients.

As my work is grounded in process-oriented, existential, and contemplative theory and practice, I offer access to the unique approach that I have developed for in-depth and life changing work with clients.

I offer individual work, therapy and consultation in ongoing groups for counsellors, and facilitation of the development of your fullest potential.