Field Notes

The field of Life-and-Death

January 20, 2017 - 0 Comments

Death is the body’s way of saying that it has had enough; enough of the struggles and the internal conflicts. I believe that early death is a result of protracted and often largely unconscious struggles that become so ingrained that they are not noticed: all the while the body tries its best and hardest to hold everything together but, beyond a certain point of tolerance and acceptance, it couldn’t, and starts to fall apart. Psychotherapy, in particular, what I call inner work, can facilitate the uncovering and exploration of the domain of the unconscious, the ground within which the struggles and internal conflicts take place. If the work is successful, and to the degree it’s successful, the person may find him/herself completely “at home” and more closely in alignment with their ‘true nature.’ While all this may sound like solitary individual work, it is equally and interactively involved relationality, especially self-to-other, in the world field. The outcome of such work is manifold: less wear and tear on the body, hence potentially longer and more relaxed life and the adventure of exploring your life, your inner and relational worlds, and what really matters.

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